DriFast Stain

DriFast stain is based on an oil modified system which gives big advantages over traditional solvent based stains.  Using a ‘traditional’ system it is extremely hard to prevent overlaps and variations in colour as the stain penetrates immediately into the timber.  It is usual to use large quantities of stain saturating the timber so that when the next board is coated it is unable to absorb anything.

DriFast stain avoids these problems.  With an open time of 3 minutes, or longer depending upon the timber and site conditions, it allows you to blend colour from section to section as you work across the floor without having to flood the surface.  All of the 15 colours are intermixable giving an infinite colour palette which can be applied with a traditional wipe on / wipe off method or using a slow speed buffing machine.  DriFast Stain is compatible with all Bona water based finishes and can be coated just 2 hours after application.


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet Wood Tones

Safety Data Sheet White

Safety Data Sheet Natural